The Fox Den on Gloster

Oreoz - THCa Flower
Cannabinoid: THCA 22.5%
Form: Trimmed
Effect: Indica



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Introducing Oreoz, a finely crafted cannabis experience designed for Indica enthusiasts. With a robust THCA concentration of 22.5%, this trimmed delight promises a potent and immersive encounter with the soothing qualities Indica strains are renowned for.

Let the flavor unfold as you savor each moment with Oreoz. While the specific flavor profile is an exciting mystery waiting to be explored, rest assured that it complements the relaxing nature of this Indica strain.

Indulge in tranquility and unwind with Oreoz, where meticulous trimming meets a perfect balance of cannabinoids for a truly satisfying and calming cannabis experience.

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